About Barristers

About Sydney Criminal Barristers like Allan Goldsworthy

In NSW, there are two types of legal practitioners - solicitors and barristers.


The traditional role of barristers, such as Allan Goldsworthy, is to be a full time advocate and advice-giver. They are specialists at appearing in court proceedings and, these days, generally also specialise in one or more particular fields of law to the exclusion of others. In the example of Allan Goldsworthy, he specialises in Criminal Law.


Solicitors on the other hand are traditionally general practitioners who provide a wide variety of legal services to their clients. For example, in a given day they may be involved with conveyances, drafting of wills and general written correspondence on behalf of their clients. Because their expertise is generally spread across many different areas of the law, they would very often brief a barrister as proceedings become more serious. The classic analogy which is sometimes used to demonstrate the difference between a solicitor and a Sydney criminal barrister is that a solicitor is comparable to your GP, whereas a barrister is akin to a Macquarie Street specialist in a particular area. As with everything in life, however, there are of course exceptions to the above.


An eminent former judge, Sir Owen Dixon, once referred to the role of a Sydney criminal barrister in these terms:


"The full range of the Bar's expertise is available to anyone who needs it. No client is disadvantaged by being unable to brief a barrister because that barrister is in partnership with the opponent's lawyer. The 'cab rank' rule ensures a barrister's independence. The individual barrister is available to be instructed on behalf of the clients as the need arises and to bring to bear the barrister's specialist advocacy and advisory legal skills to the client's particular and individual problems. The barrister is the 'servant of all'."


Why You Should Choose a Sydney Criminal Barrister like Allan Goldsworthy

In the modern age, anyone in need of legal advice or representation is free to contact either a barrister or a solicitor. There is often a role in the case for both, or sometimes just one or the other, and prices are comparable. Especially in larger cases, it is a good idea to engage both a solicitor for the letter writing and preparation side of things and have the barrister engaged to focus upon the in-court appearances. However, this is not set in stone because the requirements of every case vary to some degree. It is normally a wise course, at least in case of larger matters, for the barrister or solicitor consulted to discuss the need for the other in the course of litigation.

Choosing a Sydney criminal barrister like Allan Goldsworthy will give you the knowledge and experience that you need on the barrister side of your case. Contacting the chambers of Allan Goldsworthy and explaining your situation will help to determine the type of legal representation that you may need and will help you understand what the barrister's role will be in your specific situation. The legal chambers of Allan Goldsworthy have the experience and dedication that is needed to get your case on the right track and to represent you in front of the courts. You need strong representation in order to ensure a fair trial.