Criminal Lawyer Sydney


Allan Goldsworthy is a specialist criminal lawyer in Sydney with a strong depth of experience in this area for a period of approximately 28 years. 


An initial appointment with him can quickly set you on a realistic track as to your prospects of a particular outcome in your case.  It is important when seeing a lawyer that you are given an accurate view as to your prospects of success rather than an opinion which may be inflated in order to obtain your business.  Most of us in life have had the experience, by way of comparison, with a real estate agent who has provided to us an overly optimistic view of the value of our property in order to get our listing.  Then over a period of months, other factors are blamed, and the client is informed that the true value of their home is in fact much less than they had earlier been told.  Cross-align that to the criminal law, this could be a disaster both financially and tactically in the running of your case. 


Many inexperienced lawyers will proffer either an overly optimistic, or equally badly, an overly pessimistic view of your case, which may be due to the fact that they are not sufficiently experienced to know where the defences lie and whether they will succeed.  Making a mistake about such matters may deprive  the client of the significant discount which attaches to an early plea of guilty, for example, or may mean that a defence which has been spotted by an experienced eye, is not used and a client is unjustly convicted of an offence for which he should have been acquitted.  You can rest assured that Allan Goldsworthy criminal lawyer Sydney will explore your case in great detail and provide to you accurate, and most of all, realistic advice designed to achieve for you the best possible outcome at a reasonable cost.