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Are you seeking the services of a highly qualified and professional Sydney criminal lawyer? If you are looking for one of the top criminal barristers in the Sydney area, Allan Goldsworthy is here to assist. From simple and straightforward criminal cases to some of the most complex cases imaginable, Allan Goldsworthy has the experience and dedication that you need in a Sydney criminal lawyer. Licensed to practice Australia wide, Allan Goldsworthy has the knowledge and experience that you are looking for when it comes to criminal law in New South Wales. From drink driving violations and drug cases to AVO matters and sexual assault, contact Allan Goldsworthy to assist in your legal defense.


Allan Goldsworthy is a criminal barrister with more than 25 years experience, and before that, 5 years experience as a criminal prosecutor. Over that period of time, Allan has acted for citizens in countless cases, ranging from minor matters through to major criminal matters.  He presently practices exclusively as a criminal lawyer. As a criminal barrister, he acts as a full time advocate and advisor. With experience on both sides of the legal fence, when looking for a criminal law firm or barrister in Sydney, Allan Goldsworthy would be of great advantage to have in your corner.


This is a list of some of the kinds of criminal matters in which Allan Goldsworthy is highly experienced;

  • Drug cases
  • Bail applications
  • Sexual assault allegations
  • Fraud matters
  • AVO matters
  • Centrelink cases
  • Appeals from Local Court to District Court and higher
  • Country or interstate Cases
  • Traffic and drink driving matters (DUI)
  • Complex hearings of all kinds


Due to Allan Goldsworthy's extensive experience as a criminal barrister, on top of his experience as a criminal prosecutor, he has developed special expertise in running trials, especially jury trials. Jury work for barristers requires a unique and higher skill set and, of course, a strong insight into the applicable law.  It requires the application of much time and determination to bring about the best outcome for a client, often accused of very serious offences. He understands very well that the client's position must be advanced convincingly and with the utmost vigour.


As well as trials, Allan Goldsworthy has appeared in countless criminal law sentence hearings, which refers to cases where a plea of guilty has been entered and he is retained to obtain the best possible penalty for the client. If this is a solution for your particular case, the expertise of Allan Goldsworthy can assist in bringing the best outcome for all parties involved.


Allan Goldsworthy is presently located in Trust Chambers, which are close to the Downing Centre - the hub of criminal courts in Sydney. When you are seeking the professional services of a criminal lawyer firm or barrister in Sydney for yourself or a loved one, the experience and knowledge of Allan Goldsworthy is invaluable no matter what the criminal charges may be.


We are highly regarded Sydney criminal lawyers and barrister, specialising in criminal law, DUI and traffic offences, PCA and drink driving.


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