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Although informally referred to as DUI, most people charged with alcohol related road offences are charged with an offence known as "Driving With The Prescribed Concentration Of Alcohol". There are essentially three categories for this offence, being low range (0.05 - 0.08), mid range (0.08 - 0.150) and high range (0.150 and above).  These offences are part of a relatively technical and complex web of legislation contained in sections 107 to 114 of the Road Transport Act 2013.  Although there are automatic penalties which apply at first instance, there are quite a number of ways to avoid the full burden of both a hefty penalty and a lengthy disqualification (for example the interlock licence provisions) as well as defences which are available in suitable cases.  Your first conference will flesh out whether you have a good case for a lesser or no penalty, and again, experience of 28 years in the field matters a great deal.


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